Origin1Green and Ancestral

Lime was used from the foundation up to the final touch in architecture since the Roman Empire 25 BC.

Some of these wall finishes have lived through different centuries and places around the world…

  • The original Marmorino of the Renaissance period and the fabulous Tadelakt of the ancient city of Marrakech
  • All around Europe, lime used to be the main material of architecture
  • The desired colours are obtained with the same mineral pigments that have been used since Antiquity
  • Walls maintain a hand-crafted appearance with different aspect and depth
  • Lime plaster and others mineral finishes develop a patina over time that produces a subtle glow
  • These techniques are passed on as traditional ways from masters to apprentices in an unbroken lineage
  • The lime is still produced and sourced from limestone gathered from different quarries around the world and burnt in stone kilns