California Lime finishes

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Our Journey in Los Angeles started with visiting one of our main suppliers ” Meoded paint and plaster”.

We finally had the chance to meet the team and their main showroom, we were amazed with some of their new technics and products to be discover soon in Australia with us.

During our meeting we share our passion as natural artisan discussing what is the most trending finishes in Australia and here in Los Angeles, ideas and techniques and our different up coming projects.

Visiting the Beverly hills of the rich and famous and looking at all this breath taking homes and mansions with every corner covered with beautiful Lime render and Stucco plasters as they call it up here in California .

Surrounded by amazing gardens and giant palms we realise they loved there natural finishes in America and it is very enlivening for our team to be here getting inspired by the craftsmanship and lime finishes all around us.

As natural artisan with our love and passion for lime, clay and all things natural seeing that the worlds most successful people and their taste in the highest quality of living, we could see that when it came to choosing what finishes they used on their homes the choices seem to always be based in natural finishes like lime and clay.

Soon we will share some photos of the Zimmerman boutique we are doing here on Melrose Place,